Masters – The first of many

The first Masters store to be completed in Queensland, Australia by Dynamic Flooring Australia was a new challenge in both concrete placement and finishing with tight tolerances to be achieved.

The client also specified a high end, light reflective polished concrete finish, densified with Euco Diamond Hard to provide a good looking, tough, long term flooring solution that will impress customers with the “wow” factor.

Studies have proven that polished concrete that has high reflectivity (shine) results in a feeling of cleanliness and greatly improves the stores image with customers, who in turn are happy to spend more time in this “clean and bright looking” environment.

During trials commissioned by Masters, Dynamic Flooring Australia perfected its unique “Diamond Glide” polishing process whereby in excess of 1,000m2 per day can be densified with Diamond Hard, polished to over 60 GVM gloss value and handed over to the client in pristine condition. This process means that all other contractors can be finished and the area treated and polished at the end of the project, avoiding possible surface damage by other trades, resulting in a hand over to the client of a perfectly polished, clean, highly reflective trading floor.

Since completing this project, Dynamic Flooring Australia have completed a total of six Masters stores to date with hopefully more to come, which is a great endorsement of our people, process and ability to deliver a great result for a highly valued client.